December 18, 2010

End Of Days

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Well the end of the module is upon us. All the work has been graded and marks are available on Moodle. (Remember that all marks are subject to confirmation by the external examiner). Only two students did not collect the individual feedback sheets today. You can do so next term as these contain details on your abilities as well as suggestions on how you can develop your work.

As a general feedback I want to thank the vast majority of you for engaging really well on this module. The quality of the ideas, concepts and creativity was very good. At the same time you really all need to escalate your technical skills and the best way to do this would be to continue to develop or rework the documentaries, additional recording or re-editing in some cases, and submit them to Festivals and on-line broadcasters. I am happy to keep advising and supporting you next term so book in for a tutorial with me when you need to. My tutorial times will be Fridays so come to see me to talk about ideas and so on.

Determination, creativity and commitment are essential in any area of media production so best of luck to those of you who have this!


December 17, 2010

Archiving Your Blog

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It’s important that you all archive your blogs for this module today. You need to go to your blog then go to Save As on the menu and save. Depending on what browser you use you may get options but the default is usually set as Web Archive. Once you have the file email it to me at When I get your file I will be able to release your individual mark.

December 13, 2010

Feedback Schedule Friday 17th December

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This is the Assessment Schedule for Friday 17th December where you will be given feeback on your performance in the module as well as your individual marks.

Before this, during the lecture at 11.00am, we will screen all your films so you can see what everybody else has been engaged in. You are free to invite people to the screening that were in your film as well as other students and staff.

After the Feedback we can retire to somewhere more convivial than the institution.


1.00 Gorvinder Chima

1.10 Samantha Davies, Emma Bakowicz

1.20 Laura Garwood , Yasmin Muat, Michael Le Mare

1.30 Yidan Li, Hong Ling

1.40 Timothy Aaron March

1.50 Leanne Victoria Matthews

2.00 Faye Minister

2.10 Natalie Morley

2.20 Ebenezer Owusu

2.30 James Robert Peakman


2.40 Bashir Yusuf, Alexandru Ciocan

2.50 James Colley, Michael Peace, David Toms

3.00 Alex Timothy Hacking , Jake Humbles, Richard Neal

3.10 Darren Moore , Abu Sayed Mukid

3.20 Laura Meades , Andy Bradford

3.30 Christopher Hulme

3.40 Sean Hudspeth

December 6, 2010

Assessment Schedule Friday 10th December

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This is the Assessment Schedule for Friday 10th December. As well as the times listed you need to be available to give group feedback on the production that follows you so you must remain in the ET building until you are called. You will be told as soon as possible after your assessment when you can leave.


1.00 Gorvinder Chima

1.10 Samantha Davies, Emma Bakowicz

1.20 Laura Garwood , Yasmin Muat, Michael Le Mare

1.40 Yidan Li, Hong Ling

1.50 Timothy Aaron March

2.00 Leanne Victoria Matthews

2.10 Faye Minister

2.20 Natalie Morley

2.30 Ebenezer Owusu

2.40 James Robert Peakman


3.00 Bashir Yusuf, Alexandru Ciocan

3.10 James Colley, Michael Peace, David Toms

3.20 Alex Timothy Hacking , Jake Humbles, Richard Neal

3.40 Darren Moore , Abu Sayed Mukid

3.50 Laura Meades , Andy Bradford

4.00 Christopher Hulme

December 4, 2010

Feedback Opportunities Monday 6th & Thursday 9th

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It was good to see all the projects progressing yesterday. For those of you who have not reached the rough-cut stage yet you can still get some feedback by posting your work in progress on your blog by Monday 6th or by coming to see me in person on Thursday 9th between 11.00 – 12.00. I will be in room ET104.

Generally try to have maintain the courage and conviction that your work is personal in style and remember that you are not obliged to give ‘information’ in your documentary but to give the audience a glimpse of someone’s life through their story.

In terms of editing, keep in mind pacing and allow the film to breathe in and out.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your completed projects by 1.00 on Friday 10th. The times for assessment on that day will be posted up soon but will coincide with your normal workshop times.

December 3, 2010

Delivery of Coursework – Friday 10th December

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This is what you must deliver:

Group or individual
1 x 3 min Documentary Video (2 x DVD copies and 1 DV tape copy)
100 Word synopsis of piece
1 x Production file Evidence. Including all paper workings (there is no need to add anything that is already on your blog)

Research and Progress Blog please fill in this 261Bloghandin and put it in your folder.

Important – Submission of Coursework

Each group/individual must submit their DV tape, 2 DVD’s, Production file and a list of individual blog addresses in a clear plastic folder clearly labelled with each members name.

Your coursework will be submitted to Reception in the Ellen Terry Building between 8.30 – 1.00PM FRIDAY 10TH DECEMBER 2010. Your coursework should have a cover sheet (available from Reception) affixed to the front. You should also make sure that you sign the sheet to confirm that you have submitted your work.

Delivery: Workshop Week 9 on Friday 10th December 2010

December 2, 2010

Week 8 Blog Assignment – Reflection 4

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You are now at the stage where you should be able to write up your final reflection on the process, including the edit.

Under the heading REFLECTION 4 Evaluation

Write 400 words on the editing process. How did the edited piece differ from what was planned and why. Finally reflect on your personal development throughout this module in a critical way. Use up to 4 images to illustrate this.

Delivery: Assessment Week 9 on Friday 10th December 2010

November 29, 2010

Mark Saunders Guest Lecture – Friday 3rd December

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This weeks lecture will be given by radical documentary film producer Mark Saunders. Mark is a film-maker whose career has spanned decades from the ground breaking Despite TV workshop of the 1980’s whose film ‘The Battle of Trafalgar’ gave the protestors view of the poll tax riots right through to the recent ‘Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo’ made with Spectacle, an independent television production company specialising in documentary, community-led investigative journalism and participatory media. The lecture will be in ET130 11.00-12.00. Workshops will follow as per normal.

November 27, 2010

Grading Workshop – Tuesday 30th November

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There will be a workshop on grading your edited material on Tuesday 30th Nov in the ET Basement 10.00-11.00am. It’s important that you make the most of this opportunity in order to produce the highest technical quality of work possible for your final project.

November 26, 2010

Week 7 Blog Assignment – Edit Plan

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An edit plan is similar to a shooting script and is an A4 sheet split into 3 columns: Video Audio 1 and Audio 2. Here is an example.

Using shot descriptions from your logging sheets and sections of your transcription build up your film structure. Make notes on any archive, titles or graphics you may add.


Objective: Once your group has agreed on the edit. You need to produce a Edit Plan as outlined above.

Delivery: Workshop Week 8 on Friday 3rd December on blog.

Note: Mark the post as REAL LIVES GROUP EDIT PLAN

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